Around the Estate

Grounds Maintenance

Naomh Padraig Estate has a lot of grass! Fortunately our grounds are kept excellently maintained during the year by our two Community Employment workers, who are funded via Leitrim Development Company, under supervisor Jimmy McNama. They also take care of the Dristernan Estate.

Every two weeks during the growing season they are out here mowing and strimming. Their machinery is provided and maintained through the scheme, but the Residents’ Association pays for the petrol out of the Council grant.

In June 2014 Naomh Padraig launched its own Community Composting scheme. Now it is possible to manage the grass cuttings efficiently and sustainably by composting them, along with garden and vegetable waste, and lots of paper and cardboard, contributed by residents. The CE workers have taken on this additional job with enthusiasm.

They have also planted and keep maintained an attractive flower bed on the top edge of our grassy hill, and shrub borders around the front of the estate. Much more is possible, and we will be working with them to enhance the estate further. Unfortunately it was discovered a few years ago that the top soil covering the hill (which was essentially created out of builders’ rubble) is too shallow to support trees – so further tree-planting may not be an option.

A public sculpture was formerly an original feature at the front entrance to the estate. It was stolen in 2008. Our hope is now to fill this sad gap with creative planting.

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