Children’s Fun Day and Art Competition – August 2012


It took a bit of time to find a sunny summer’s day, but when she came we made good use of her! A fine amount of children from the Estate participated in the Games. We had a few extra children supplied by resident Grandmas /Granddads and Babysitters who took full advantage of the fun. There was also a lovely response to the Art, Poetry and Design part of the Fun Day.

We were very happy to be given a small grant from the good people at the Leitrim Development Company, so that medals with the estate name and year on the back could be awarded to every child in the Estate.

The big prize of a set of acrylic paints for the Best Estate Logo Design was generously donated by local resident, the late Bertram Wolf.

Eileen O’Toole


Congratulations to all the participants. You were all winners! And a special thank you to Victoria Trokhymchuk for her lovely design which makes a great logo for the estate.

Click below to view full list of winnersFull list of winners - August 2012 Fun Day


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